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Candala Chrysoprase

Genuine Marlborough Chrysoprase

About Us


What drives us

Candala's philosophy is a simple one; mine quality material and sell it competitively on the world market. We have no doubt that our Australian Chrysoprase is second to none in quality and it is our desire that it be recognised as the fine Australian gemstone that it is.


Chief Executive Officer Richard Osmond, an Australian native, has spent over 20 years in the gemstone industry and along with his other Administrative duties is responsible for Marketing.

Company Secretary Mary Lou Osmond is a dual American and Australian citizen.  She has over 20 years experience in running a gemstone company and adds a wealth of skills to all of Candala's administrative requirements.



Candala was purchased by an international group which included the current owners in December 2005.  At that time the huge potential of the mostly undeveloped mining leases was recognised in the Chrysoprase bearing district near Marlborough in Northern Queensland, Australia.  In December 2009 the shareholdings controlled by international partners were bought back, making Candala once again a wholly Australian owned company. The Shareholders, who are all officers of the company, have worked hard to re-ignite the fire in this exotic gemstone and open up an international market for sales of fine gems, one-off carvings, handmade jewellery and rough ore.

 Our Markets

The principal markets of China, India, Japan, and Korea coupled with a huge increase in interest for Candala's Australian Chrysoprase in the USA and Europe, have virtually assured the company of substantial sales growth. Recent purchases by many of Europe's finest jewellery houses has shown the rarity and beauty of Candala's Australian Chrysoprase sits very comfortably at the top end of the market.


Our commercial products are ably  marketed by our distributors, a list of whom you will find detailed on the relevant page.



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