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Candala Chrysoprase

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 Press Release - Arizona, Thursday, 30th September, 2010

Richard Osmond CEO of Candala Chrysoprase anounced today the appointment of Opus Art of Fine Jewellery as their exclusive exhibitor of fine art Chrysoprase carvings, in the USA.The carvings are done exclusively for Candala, in Thailand, by Jade carvers who have emmigrated from China. Every piece is hand carved with outstanding skill and are widely sought after by collectors as well as individual owners. Opus, who are located in Scottsdale Arizona, are reknown for their high quality jewellery designs, and one off carvings and sculptures.

Josh Helmich, General Manager of Opus welcomed the new addition of Chrysoprase carvings to their range of products.  Helmich stated that the fit was good and he anticipated a very profitable relationship with Candala Chrysoprase.


PRESS RELEASE -30th December 2009


SYDNEY AUSTRALIA,  30th DECEMBER 2009 - Richard Osmond, CEO of Candala Pty Ltd, announced today that the Australian owners of the company have bought out the overseas shareholdings and Candala is now, once again,100% Australian owned.
Osmond went on to say that it was a great relief to now have the control required to move Candala forward. We have for too long been hampered by interests regarding Candala merely as an investment and we are now looking forward to producing fine Australian Chrysoprase in the volume the world market has been seeking.
Candala's Marlborough Chrysoprase is a rare and beautiful product and shouldn't be squirrelled away.
Osmond added that we should stay tuned for more releases of information as the company moves into the new decade with exciting plans for expansion.


 PRESS RELEASE – June 1st 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, June 1st 2010. Candala Pty, Ltd., whose primary business is the mining of the gemstone Chrysoprase, is pleased to announce the appointment of Rock and Mineral Supermarket Australia, as their Australian Distributor. Candala mines its Chrysoprase in Marlborough, Australia, and the limited production from this region is regarded as the world’s finest material. “We have been seeking a top-quality distributor to support our marketing efforts in Australia, and we are extremely pleased that Rock and Mineral Supermarket Australia has agreed to join us,” said spokesman for Candala, Mr. Richard Osmond. Osmond went on to say, “The outstanding electronic marketing skills possessed by RMSA makes them a perfect fit for Candala and allows us to concentrate on material recovery while they market our product world-wide". Osmond also highlighted the fact that RMSA  had already developed new products and markets for the produce from Candala's mine which has added to the value of their Chrysoprase mining venture. Rock and Mineral Supermarket Australia, is seen as an extremely positive addition to the Candala Chrysoprase family.”

Chrysoprase, a form of chalcedony, is a gemstone found only in the colour green. It resembles jade, but is a more affordable alternative. The Chinese, in particular, have been using the stone for many years for carvings and jewellery, as did the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. Now it is available once again in the superb quality known only to Marlborough deposits owned exclusively by Candala and a neighbouring Chinese miner.




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